Reference to CS 736 @ UW-Madison

File and Storage System

1. Traditional Local File Systems - FFS and LFS

2. Storage Technology - RAID

3. Measurement

4. Archival Storage and Deduplication

5. Caching

6. Crash Consistency

7. SSDs and Key-Value Stores

8. Persistent Memory

9. Graph Processing

Process Synchronization and Scalability

1. Monitors, Theory and Practice

2. OS Scalability: Measurement and Redesign

3. Alternate Locking Primitives


1. Threads and Events

2. Local CPU Schedulers and Resource Tracking

3. Measurement: Linux and System Services

4. Current System Scheduling

OS Structure and Virtual Machines

1. Layered vs. Extensible Kernels

2. Microkernels: Concepts and Measurements

3. Monolithic, Disaggregation, and HLLs

4. Virtual Machines

Testing, Debugging, and Design

1. Profiling and Binary Code

2. Symbolic Execution and Debugging Experience

3. Summary of System Design


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